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Educational Resources for Our Patients

We strive to provide quality and comprehensive healthcare for all of our patients. We also want our patients to know where they can get good quality information about various allergic concerns. Please see below for our recommended resources for information.

Patient Resources: Insurance

Do you know how to use your medications? for Epipen and Anaphylaxis information and demonstration videos for Allerject information and demonstration videos for Emerade information and demonstration videos for how to use any of the asthma medications including puffers, turbuhalers, etc

This is a great resource for patients and families with food allergy. They also have regional groups if you wish to join.

The Canadian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy has some patient resources as well as a Find An Allergist feature so you can find allergists wherever you are in the country.

The AAAAI is a rich resource of information for patients and families on a large variety of allergic disorders and immunodeficiency.

The American College also provides information on common conditions in allergy and immunology that you may find of help.

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